Snohomish County Public Utility District No. 1

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If The Power Is Out

The PUD takes pride in serving you with continuous, reliable electric service. However, occasionally, your power may be interrupted by a blown fuse, a bad storm, or a failure in the line equipment serving your home.

During major storms, we will post outage and repair information on our mobile home page as well as a link to our outage map.

Customers who rely on life-support equipment should have a backup plan for power outages

It’s critical that customers using special medical equipment at home, such as respirators, consider purchasing a backup generator and/or have other contingency plans in place. They should set up plans with friends or relatives to get to a site with electricity and/or identify emergency centers at local social service agencies and churches.

While the PUD strives to provide continuous electric service to customers, it cannot guarantee that occasional power outages or failures won’t occur. During the winter months the likelihood of power outages increases due to seasonal storms.

If all the power is out in your house, the trouble may be outside the home. If only your home is affected, the PUD should be called promptly. To facilitate rapid servicing of trouble calls, please call our automated outage reporting line at 425-783-1001.

PUD Storm Preparations

How You Can Prepare for Storms